Knockout Kitchen Wins Award!

Knockout Kitchen in Rochdale, 5a Baillie Street, Rochdale, OL16 1JJ have now been awarded the prestigious Good Food Award for Takeaways – 2020. Over the last twelve months we have evaluated customer feedback and these premises have demonstrated exceptional levels of food quality, service and value when compared to our industry benchmarks in their category.

In recognition of this achievement they have been duly awarded the Good Food Award for Takeaways 2020.

”We are delighted and honoured to win the prestigious Good Food Awards 2020. We like to thank our customers for being loyal and spreading the love about Knockout’s, and we would like to thank our staff for working hard tirelessley and most of all the two people who have been behind it all, Mum & Dad. Without them there wouldn’t be a Knockout Kitchen. Thank you for your prayers, your ideas, vision & support."
Hamza Yousuf

Our family run kitchen was born out of desire to make healthy food both tasty and affordable. Based in a small town in the North of England, our meal preps were the first of its kind and have since become a local favourite alternative to processed food. Our brand ambassador is our very own Muhammad Ali, the first diabetic boxer in England that was granted a professional boxing license.

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